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Major change for 2001FY of the Channels of Fund-raising by the Nonfinancial Sector

September 5, 2002
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

Revision of data

As a result of the retroactive data revision of the Flow of Funds Accounts, data are retroactively revised from FY1989.

Change of calculation method

<Of which: general government (component of "Fund-raising from domestic nonfinancial sector (2)" by means of "Shares and other equities (2)b)>

The calculation method of the fund-raising from general government by other equities has been changed. In order to record data on book value basis, data on financial assets and liabilities table (other equities held by general government) are used directly for this item.

Newly published data

Data for "Of which: central bank (1)d" (component by sector of "Via financial institutions (1)") and "Of which: securities other than shares (4)a" (component of "Via overseas market (4)" have been newly added in this publication.