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Revision of Flow of Funds Accounts

September 5, 2002
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

Revision of data

Evaluation and calculation methods have been changed in some areas. As a result, quarterly data are retroactively revised from the fourth quarter of 1997 and annual data from FY1989.

Major changes in this publication

<Central government securities and FILP bonds, Outward investment in securities, Others>

Security lending transactions not backed by cash collateral were formerly treated as selling (securities lent were posted as assets of the borrower) before the data of 4th quarter 2001, but through the revision, all securities lent are modified to post as lenders assets.

<Public nonfinancial corporations, Local government>

Formally, all the local public enterprises were treated as public nonfinancial corporations, but enterprises related to sewerage service have been changed to local government.

<Pension funds>

Assets estimated by consolidating from life insurance companies have been modified. Loans are excluded from the consolidated assets.