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Renewal of the Long-term Time-series Data Corner

April 30, 2002
Bank of Japan

Please be advised that the "Financial and Economic Statistics" section in the long-term time-series data corner has been renewed.

The contents of renewal are as follows:

(1) In addition to the already released data from 1970 onwards, data prior to 1970 have been retroactively published by the Bank of Japan's database. As a result, data such as currency in circulation are retroactively available from 1953 onwards.

(2) In line with the renewal of the "Financial and Economic Statistics Monthly" in December 2001, contents of the long-term time series data have also been revised. New time-series data have been included in the "Financial and Economics Statistics Monthly" from December 2001 and the data are also published in the same order as that of the Monthly so as to make the two comparable.