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Change to the data in "Average Contracted Interest Rates on Loans and Discounts"

May 26, 2003
Bank of Japan
Financial Markets Department

Bank of Japan (BOJ) changed the coverage of the data that BOJ used in computing interest rates of "short-term" item in the statistics, "Average Contracted Interest Rates on Loans and Discounts," to include interest rates on loans and discounts equal to or less than one million yen per contract whose maturity is less than one year at the time of contract.

The historical series of the interest rates in the "short-term" item that BOJ made public since October 1993 were also changed accordingly. The changed version of the time series data for the most current 15 months is attached and for the data in October 1993 and hence will be posted on the long-term time-series data at 8:50 a.m. on May 27, 2003.

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