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Revisions to the Industrial Classification of the Loans and Deposits Statistics

March 11, 2003
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

Click on re0303a.pdf (49KB) to download the full text.

The Research and Statistics Department will make revisions to the industrial classification of some of its Loans and Deposits statistics, such as Loans and "Discounts Outstanding by Sector" and "Amounts Outstanding of Deposits by Depositor", from March 2003 (to be released in May or June).

1. Background to the Revision

The industrial classification of the Loans and Deposits statistics is based on the Japan Standard Industrial Classification (hereafter, referred to as the "JSIC"),1 which is a set of statistical standards used to show statistical results by industry. It was revised in March 2002 in order to incorporate the ongoing changes in the industrial structure, such as the advancement of information and communications technology and diversification in the services industries (refer to appendix 1).2

In line with the JSIC revision, the Department will revise the relevant statistics in order to incorporate the structural changes that have taken place in each industry, and to keep mutual comparability with other statistics and enhance the convenience of users.

  1. The JSIC is provided by Ministry of the Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.
  2. One of the major changes in this JSIC revision is the establishment of new divisions, such as "Information and Communications," "Eating and Drinking Places, Accommodations" and "Medical, Health Care and Welfare."

2. Outline of the Revision

(1) Revision of the statistical classification items

In principle, in accordance with the changes in the JSIC divisions, some classification items will be added and abolished, taking into account the statistical continuity as much as possible.

(2) Increase in the listed items of major industries

The listed items of major industries will be increased for the following statistics: "Loans and Discounts Outstanding by Sector (by Type of Major Industries)"; and "New Loans for Equipment Funds by Sector (by Type of Major Industries)."

(3) Objective statistics and Plan in this revision

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3. Note on the discontinuities in some items

Please be advised that there may be discontinuities in some figures of the first quarter of 2003, even for items whose names are unchanged. This is because of the changes in the detail components of industries in accordance with the JSIC revision. (For details, refer to appendix5)

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