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Sample Design and Sample Maintenance of TANKAN

June 7, 2004
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

Click on nttk14.pdf (125KB) to download the full text.


TANKAN, the Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan, was revised in the March 2004 Survey (released on April 1, 2004). In addition to the regular revision of sample enterprises which is conducted every 5 years, the revision includes some changes in the framework of the survey.1

This paper introduces the sample design and sample maintenance of TANKAN in detail among the revision.

  1. See "Revision of TANKAN in the March 2004 Survey - Comparison between the pre- and post-revision in the December 2003 Survey" (released on March 8, 2004) for details. As for the general explanation and FAQ of TANKAN, see the Bank of Japan's website.