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The changes of "Principal Figures of Financial Institutions"

Statistics that had been available in the form of time-series data at the Bank's web site are now provided, with a few exceptions, in "BOJ Time-Series Data Search," a new page for data search.  Regardless of the notice below, some links to the time-series data have been removed.

October 19, 2005
Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan has changed the set of data regarding "Principal Figures of Financial Institutions" as follows.

  1. (1) The item of "total of regional banks and regional banks II" has been added to "Loans and discounts" and "Deposits and CDs".
  2. (2) The items of "city banks", "regional banks", "regional banks II" and "total of regional banks and regional banks II" have been added as components of "total of banks" regarding " Loans and Discounts Adjusted for Special Items"

For further information, please contact;

Financial Data Center, Financial Systems and Bank Examination Department