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Changes in the Specification of Sample Prices in the Corporate Service Price Index

October 26, 2006
Research and Statistics Department
Bank of Japan

Please be advised that the specification of sample prices in the Corporate Service Price Index (hereafter, CSPI) has been changed as follows:

The Bank of Japan surveys prices with the cooperation of enterprises in order to use them as basic data for compiling the indexes on individual items in the CSPI (Note 1).  On surveying sample prices, we collect actual transaction prices which represent the item concerned and which closely reflect the supply-demand conditions for the item.

  • Notes 1: The same, including the explanation below, is applied to the Corporate Goods Price Index (CGPI).

Sample prices are changed accordingly when one of the services surveyed ceases to be representative of an item. Services, which have emerged to become representative due to its expansion within the market, are also incorporated accordingly as sample prices.

The replacement of sample prices which brings about a significant impact on the item index will be mentioned in the released monthly statistics whenever the item index is affected by the replacement, as this will improve the serviceability to users.

Changes for this month:

In the item "internet advertising" (weight: 1.9/1000), sample prices of search-related advertising (Note 2) were added from August (Note 3).

  • Notes 2: Search-related ads are text-based ads that appear on the search result page after typing the keyword into the search box. The advertiser is usually charged each time a user clicks the ad.
  • Notes 3: See"Explanation of the 2000 Base Corporate Service Price Index (CSPI) " for the current specification of sample prices.

Inquires should be addressed to:

Price Statistics Section
Research and Statistics Department