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Treatment of expressway companies etc. in the Flow of Funds Accounts and revision of the Flow of Funds Accounts

September 15, 2006
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

Each expressway companies (hereinafter referred to as "the new companies", refer to the table below) and Japan Expressway Holding and Debt Repayment Agency (hereinafter referred to as "the agency", refer to the table below), which were established in October 2005, are classified as "Public nonfinancial corporations" for the new companies and "Central government" for the agency in the Flow of Funds Accounts (All the former four highway-related public corporations are classified under public nonfinancial corporations).

  • table

The figures for the fourth quarter of 2005 have been revised in order to reflect the establishment of the corporations with the government investment including these new companies and the agency.

For the revised data, please refer to the Long-Term Time-Series Data.

The changes in the transaction table for the fourth quarter of 2005 by classifying the agency into "Central government" are listed below.

  • table