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Regular Revision of the TANKAN Sample Enterprises

March 2, 2007
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department


The Bank uses a sample survey framework for the TANKAN (Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan). It randomly extracts samples from a population (excluding financial institutions) with capital of at least 20 million yen, based on the "Establishment and Enterprise Census of Japan" conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

To accurately grasp actual economic conditions, the Bank makes regular revisions to the TANKAN sample enterprises when the Ministry revises the "Establishment and Enterprise Census of Japan."

This March, the Bank has made revisions to the sample enterprises that are based on the most updated population (210,000 enterprises based on the 2004 "Establishment and Enterprise Census of Japan"), after a three-year interval from the last revision.

For "Data comparison between pre- and post- revision of TANKAN in the December 2006 Survey", click here (PDF, 40KB).