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Change to TFX data in "Payment and Settlement Statistics"

June 2, 2008
Bank of Japan
Payment and Settlement Systems Department

With the change of settlement methods by the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX)*, the Bank will make changes to TFX data (from April 2008 onwards) listed in "Payment and Settlement Statistics."

  • From April 28, 2008, the method for settling TFX's net positions via BOJ current accounts has been changed. With this change, TFX settlement has been moved from "Settlement for Private Clearing Systems (i.e., settlement initiated by the Bank)" to "BOJ Funds Transfers (i.e., settlement initiated by the participants.)"

The data series concerned is "Settlement for Private Clearing Systems: Tokyo Financial Exchange", 1. Settlement via BOJ Current Accounts, A. Settlement via BOJ Accounts. TFX data for April 2008 are the daily average for the period from April 1, 2008 to April 25, 2008 (the data for April 28 and 30, 2008 are included under the data series "BOJ Funds Transfers"). From May 2008 onwards, TFX data will be included under the data series "BOJ Funds Transfers."

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Payment and Settlement Systems Department