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Final Draft on the Revision of the Money Stock Statistics
- Opinions on the June 2007 Revision Proposal and BOJ Responses -

January 30, 2008
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

The Bank of Japan published a proposal for revising the Money Stock Statistics (MSS) in June 2007.1 In response, we received valuable opinions from numerous parties including scholars and private-sector economists. We would like to formally thank them, here, for their helpful contributions.

  • Note 1 : The proposal was published as Research and Statistics Department, "Money Stock Statistics Revision Policy - Request for Opinions", June 22, 2007 (in Japanese).

This paper presents the final draft for the revision of the MSS following reconsiderations based on the opinions submitted, and then provides those opinions along with the Bank of Japan's understanding.

The Bank of Japan will now proceed with preparatory works in line with this final draft, and plans to switch over to the new statistics from the June 2008 announcement (preliminary May 2008 statistics).

For any inquiries, please contact Financial Statistics Section, Research and Statistics Department (E-mail: ).