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Changes to "Payment and Settlement Statistics"

March 3, 2009
Bank of Japan
Payment and Settlement Systems Department

With the implementation of the book-entry transfer system for stocks in January this year, the Bank of Japan will make the following changes to "Payment and Settlement Statistics," starting from the release of figures for January 2009.

1.New Tables
New tables concerning the settlement of stocks at Japan Securities Depository Center (JASDEC) will be added. To download the format of new tables, please click here (PDF format 13KB).

2.Changes to Data Definition
Data definition will be changed for the following data concerning Japan Securities Clearing Corporation and JASDEC DVP Clearing Corporation.

Data Series

Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC)
DVP for Exchange-Traded Securities
Volume and Value Cleared <Acceptance of Settlement Obligations>
Volume and Value Settled <Securities Settlement and Payments>
JASDEC DVP Clearing Corporation (JDCC)
DVP for Non-Exchange-Traded Securities
Volume and Value Cleared <Acceptance of Settlement Obligations>
Value Settled

Contents of Changes

Item names for "Shares" and "Convertible Bonds" will be changed to "Stocks" and "Bonds with Share Options", respectively.

In addition to investment units, preferred equity investment and beneficial interest of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), share options and foreign stocks etc. will be added to "Stocks" starting from the figures for January 2009.

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Payment and Settlement Systems Department