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Balance of Payments: Release of New Data for Europe

July 8, 2010
Ministry of Finance
Bank of Japan

The Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Japan have decided to integrate regional data for Europe, in response to users' requests, namely, "Western Europe" and "Eastern Europe, Russia, etc.," and release the data as a new item, "Europe," starting with the figures released today.

The outline of the change is as follows.

  • "Europe," the new item, will appear in the Balance of Payments statistics released today and thereafter.
  • Regional data for "Eastern Europe, Russia, etc." will continue to be available as a reference item.


  • Integrated data for Europe for 2009 are also available through the BOJ Time-Series Data Search.
  • Integrated data for Europe through 2008 can be obtained by aggregating figures for "Western Europe" and "Eastern Europe, Russia, etc."