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Changes in the series codes for "TANKAN " in the "BOJ Time-series Data Search" due to the revision of the industry classification

March 15, 2010
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

The industry classification of the Tankan is following the "Japan Standard Industrial Classification ". With the revision of the "Japan Standard Industrial Classification " released in November 2007, some industry classifications of the Tankan will be revised from the March 2010 survey 1. Due to this revision, some industry classification codes of "TANKAN " in the "BOJ Time-series Data Search" will be changed or added as shown in the Appendix [PDF 16KB].

  1. For details, see "Regular Revision of the Tankan Sample Enterprises" (March 2, 2010, Research and Statistics Department, Bank of Japan)


Business Survey, Research and Statistics Department

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