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Revision of Real Exports and Real Imports

March 28, 2013
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

Real Exports/Imports released today reflect changes in the base year and seasonal adjustments. These series have been revised back to January 1975.

  1. (1) This revision is a transition to the 2010 base Real Exports/Imports, reflecting the regular rebasing which takes place once in every five years. In accordance with the changes in the goods classification framework in the Corporate Goods Price Index, the Bank of Japan has changed the group classifications of the Exports/Imports Value used for constructing Real Exports/Imports and some price indices used as corresponding deflators.
  2. (2) This revision also reflects the regular update in seasonal adjustments. The Bank of Japan updates seasonal adjustments in Real Exports/Imports every year, usually after the retroactive revision to the previous year's figures in the "Trade Statistics." The X-12-ARIMA specifications are the same as the previous ones.

For details on the compilation method of Real Exports/Imports, see "Explanation of Real Exports and Real Imports."


Economic Assessment and Projection Group, Economic Research Division, Research and Statistics Department

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