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Changes to "Payment and Settlement Statistics"

February 21, 2014
Bank of Japan
Payment and Settlement Systems Department

With the implementation of DVP settlement for stock lending transactions by the JASDEC DVP Clearing Corporation (JDCC), the Bank will make following changes to JDCC data (from the release of figures for January 2014.) listed in "Payment and Settlement Statistics."

Data Series

6. JASDEC DVP Clearing Corporation (JDCC)

6-1 DVP for Non-Exchange-Traded Securities
6-2 Settlement via BOJ Current Accounts

Contents of Changes

Stock lending and associated collateral deliveries are added to the items: "DVP for Non-Exchange-Traded Securities" and "Settlement via BOJ Current Accounts." "Bonds with Share Options (Face Value)" and "Bonds with Share Options" are changed to "Other Securities (Face Value)" and "Other Securities" respectively, as collateral JGBs associated with stock lending are now included.


Payment and Settlement Systems Department

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