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Correction of Figures for "Balance of Payments"

May 14, 2015
Bank of Japan
International Department

The following figures in BOJ Time-Series Data Search are corrected.


Balance of Payments (BP) - Balance of Payments (2014.01-) - Balance of Payments (2014.01-) - Current account (Seasonally-adjusted)

BP'BPBP6JYACBX12 (Current account / Net balance (Seasonally-adjusted))
BP'BPBP6JYAICX12 (Primary income / Credit (Seasonally-adjusted))
BP'BPBP6JYAIDX12 (Primary income / Debit (Seasonally-adjusted))
BP'BPBP6JYAINX12 (Primary income / Net balance (Seasonally-adjusted))
BP'BPBP6JYAIC3X12 (Primary income / Other primary income / Credit (Seasonally-adjusted))
BP'BPBP6JYAID3X12 (Primary income / Other primary income / Debit (Seasonally-adjusted))
BP'BPBP6JYAIN3X12 (Primary income / Other primary income / Net balance (Seasonally-adjusted))

Since "Other primary income" was newly introduced in January 2014 in implementing the new statistics, seasonal adjustment is not applied.


Jan. 2014 - Dec. 2014


Balance of Payments Statistics Group, Balance of Payments Division, International Department

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