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Data Revisions to the Flow of Funds Accounts

September 14, 2018
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

The reference data for the Flow of Funds Accounts have been revised for data from the first quarter of 2014 up to the most recent releases in the following matrix tables and the BOJ Time-Series Data Search.

(1) Matrix Tables for "Quarterly Data" (preliminary figures) and "Annual Data" released in June 2014 onward

  • The data "(Reference) foreign exchange reserves" in the row of transaction code "W" presented in the first page (1. Financial Transactions (1) All Sectors) of the above matrix tables

(2) BOJ Time-Series Data Search

  • FF'FOF_FFAF500L551(Liabilities/Foreign exchange reserves/Overseas/Flow) <08SNA, Quarterly Data>
  • FF'FOF_FFYF500L551(Liabilities/Foreign exchange reserves/Overseas/Flow) <08SNA, Fiscal Year>
  • FF'FOF_93FFAF500L551((discontinued)Liabilities/Foreign exchange reserves/Overseas/Flow) <93SNA , Quarterly Data >
  • FF'FOF_93FFYF500L551((discontinued)Liabilities/Foreign exchange reserves/Overseas/Flow) <93SNA , Fiscal Year >

The revised time series data are available at "BOJ Time-Series Data Search."


Financial Statistics Group, Economic Statistics Division, Research and Statistics Department

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