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Release of "Statistics on Securities Financing Transactions in Japan"

January 10, 2020
Financial Markets Department
Bank of Japan

In November 2015, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) released a report on standards and processes for global securities financing data collection and aggregation for reporting of aggregates by national/regional authorities to the FSB. In accordance with those standards, in Japan, the Financial Services Agency and the Bank of Japan collect data on securities financing transactions in the domestic market.

The Bank of Japan has decided to release part of that collected data as Statistics on Securities Financing Transactions in Japan from January 27, 2020. The details are as follows.

table : outline
Title Statistics on Securities Financing Transactions in Japan
Time of release 15th business day of the following month
Collected data Principal amounts of securities financing transactions (repo transactions and securities lending transactions), etc.
Categories By sector, by jurisdiction, by currency, by maturity, etc.


Financial Markets Statistics Group, Coordination and Market Analysis Division, Financial Markets Department, Bank of Japan

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