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Regular Revision of the Tankan Sample Enterprises

March 5, 2024
Research and Statistics Department
Bank of Japan


The Bank of Japan conducts the Tankan, or "Tanki Keizai Kansoku Chousa (Short-Term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan)," which consists of the Tankan itself and three supplemental surveys: the Survey of Financial Institutions; the Survey of Business Consultants & Pure Holding Companies; and the Survey on Overseas Business Activities. These four surveys use a sample survey framework where sample enterprises are selected from a survey population. The private enterprises which comprise the survey population of the Tankan are those in Japan with capital of 20 million yen or more (excluding "financial institutions" and "business consultants & pure holding companies").

In order to capture economic conditions accurately, in principle, the Bank revises the Tankan sample enterprises once every two or three years. The three supplemental surveys above are also revised at the same time as the Tankan.

The Bank has now made revisions based on the update of the Established Frame Database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on which the population is based.



Business Survey Group, Economic Statistics Division, Research and Statistics Department

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