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QuestionHow is the organization of the Bank structured? Where are the Bank's Head Office and branches located?


The officers of the Bank consist of a Governor, two Deputy Governors, six Members of the Policy Board, three or fewer Auditors, six or fewer Executive Directors, and a small number of Counsellors. Of these, the Governor, Deputy Governors, and Members of the Policy Board make up the Policy Board -- the Bank's highest decision-making body.

Moreover, the Bank has 15 Head Office departments, 32 branches, and 14 local offices in Japan, and seven overseas representative offices.

Locations of the Bank's Head Office, Branches, Local Offices, and Overseas Representative Offices

The Bank's Head Office is located at Nihonbashi-Hongokucho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. For the locations of the Bank's branches, local offices, and overseas representative offices, see the related information below.

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