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QuestionWhen does the Bank release the minutes and transcripts of Monetary Policy Meetings (MPMs)?


The minutes of each Monetary Policy Meeting (MPM) are approved by the Policy Board of the Bank at the following MPM, and released on the third business day after approval. In some cases of unscheduled MPMs, when it is difficult to prepare the draft of the minutes by the time the following MPM takes place, the minutes are approved at the second MPM after the unscheduled MPM. The release schedule of the minutes is available at Monetary Policy Meetings.

The transcript of each MPM is published ten years after the MPM (available only in Japanese). The Bank releases the transcripts twice a year: once to release those of MPMs held in January through June, and once for MPMs held in July through December. The release date for each set of transcripts is announced in advance as stipulated in the guidelines for the release of transcripts of Monetary Policy Meetings and documents submitted to Policy Board meetings.