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QuestionWhat are the representative statistics for prices in Japan?


There are various types of price statistics in Japan, depending on which goods or services are surveyed, and which stages in the distribution process are surveyed.

The Bank compiles and releases the following price indexes: the Corporate Goods Price Index (CGPI), which measures price developments of goods traded in the corporate sector; the Services Producer Price Index (SPPI), which measures movements in prices of service products traded in the corporate sector; and, as a satellite series, the Final Demand-Intermediate Demand price indexes (FD-ID price indexes), which integrate prices of goods and services and are classified by demand stage.

The Statistics Bureau of Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications compiles the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which comprehensively measures price fluctuations of goods and services purchased by nationwide households. The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) of the Cabinet Office also compiles and releases a price index called the GDP deflator, which is the ratio of nominal GDP to real GDP calculated by using the figures in the ESRI's National Accounts of Japan.

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