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Exchange of Damaged Cash

Damaged Bank of Japan notes and Japanese yen coins are exchangeable for new cash by the Bank subject to the criteria set out in the laws.

The Bank also exchanges cash that is inconvenient for use such as old series banknotes and commemorative coins.

The Bank does not exchange undamaged banknotes or coins for different denominations. Those who wish to receive this service are requested to consult with commercial banks.

Place of Exchange:
The Bank exchanges damaged cash for new cash at its head office and branches. The Bank does not provide such service at its Computer Center (Fuchu-shi, Tokyo), Banknote Operations Center (Toda-shi, Saitama), domestic offices, or overseas representative offices.
Note: The Bank does not exchange cash sent by mail. Please visit its head office or branches in person.
Business Hours:
The Bank exchanges damaged cash on its business days from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Please inform the Bank in advance when you plan to bring in damaged cash regardless of the amount or severity of damage.
Please bring your valid passport (if not available, photo ID issued by governmental institutions) with you.