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List of Reports & Research Papers 2022

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List (excluding Research Papers Released by IMES)

Table :List of Reports & Research Papers 2022 List (excluding Research Papers Released by IMES)
Date Author Title
Sep. 28, 2022 Market Operations in Fiscal 2021 
Sep. 16, 2022 Financial Results of Japan's Banks for Fiscal 2021 
Sep. 15, 2022 Yoshiyasu Koide, Yoshihiko Hogen, Nao Sudo Increasing Portfolio Overlap of Japanese Regional Banks with Global Investment Funds and Its Financial Stability Implications 
Sep.  5, 2022 Yoshihiko Hogen, Yoshiyasu Koide, Yuji Shinozaki Rise of NBFIs and the Global Structural Change in the Transmission of Market Shocks 
Sep.  5, 2022 HOGEN Yoshihiko, KOIDE Yoshiyasu Flows of Overseas Funds in the Real Estate Market 
Aug. 31, 2022 The Phillips Curve and Cost Pass-Through in Japan: Summary of the Second Workshop on "Issues Surrounding Price Developments during the COVID-19 Pandemic" 
Aug. 22, 2022 Kazuya Suzuki, Kana Sasamoto Quantitative Analysis of Haircuts: Evidence from the Japanese Repo and Securities Lending Markets 
Aug. 17, 2022 TAKIZUKA Yasutaka, SUZUKI Kazuya Impact of COVID-19 Turmoil on the Foreign Exchange Option Market: Evidence from the Japanese OTC Derivative Transaction Data 
Aug.  5, 2022 Results of the First Market Functioning Survey concerning Climate Change - Progress in the Improvement of Market Functioning and Challenges for the Future - 
Aug.  1, 2022 Junko Koeda, Yoichi Ueno A Preferred Habitat View of Yield Curve Control 
Jul. 28, 2022 Yoshiyasu Koide, Kenji Nishizaki, Nao Sudo Flood Risk Perception and its Impact on Land Prices in Japan 
Jul. 28, 2022 Jouchi Nakajima, Masato Takahashi, Tomoyuki Yagi An Assessment of Online Consumption Trends in Japan during the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Jul. 28, 2022 Tomoyuki Yagi, Kakuho Furukawa, Jouchi Nakajima Productivity Trends in Japan -- Reviewing Recent Facts and the Prospects for the Post-COVID-19 Era -- 
Jul. 28, 2022 Takashi Nakazawa Constructing GDP Nowcasting Models Using Alternative Data 
Jul. 28, 2022 Tomohiro Okubo, Koji Takahashi, Haruhiko Inatsugu, Masato Takahashi Development of "Alternative Data Consumption Index":Nowcasting Private Consumption Using Alternative Data 
Jul. 11, 2022 Regional Economic Report (Summary) (July 2022) 
Jun. 23, 2022 SUGINO Sei, MARUO Yuji Economic Implications of the Use of Personal Information: Potential Impact of the Digital Platform Companies on Payment Services 
Jun. 22, 2022 Financial System and Bank Examination Department of the Bank of Japan, Supervision Bureau of the Financial Services Agency, Research and International Affairs Department of the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan Progress toward resolvability to address TBTF problem: 10-year milestone since "Key Attributes" 
Jun.  9, 2022 KURACHI Yoshiyuki, MORISHIMA Hajime, KAWATA Hiroshi, SHIBATA Ryo, BUNYA Kazuma, MOTEKI Jin Challenges for Japan's Economy in the Decarbonization Process 
Jun.  3, 2022 Takuro Ashizawa, Nao Sudo, Hiroki Yamamoto How Do Floods Affect the Economy? An Empirical Analysis using Japanese Flood Data 
Jun.  3, 2022 Ryuichiro Hashimoto, Nao Sudo Transmission of Flood Damage to the Real Economy and Financial Intermediation: Simulation Analysis using a DSGE model 
Jun.  3, 2022 Rebasing the Corporate Goods Price Index to the Base Year 2020 -- Main features of the rebasing and price developments in the 2020 base index -- 
May  30, 2022 Financial Markets Department and Financial System and Bank Examination Department of the Bank of Japan, Strategy Development and Management Bureau and Supervision Bureau of the Financial Services Agency Review of JPY LIBOR Transition and Future Initiatives 
May  27, 2022 Takuto Arao Market Operations under the Three-tier System -- Explanation Using the Reserve Demand Curve Model -- 
May  23, 2022 Characteristics of Price Developments in Japan: Summary of the First Workshop on "Issues Surrounding Price Developments during the COVID-19 Pandemic" 
May  20, 2022 MAKABE Yoshibumi, NORIMASA Yoshihiko The Term Structure of Inflation at Risk: A Panel Quantile Regression Approach 
Apr. 27, 2022 Interoperability and Standardization in Financial Services in the Digital Age 
Apr. 21, 2022 Financial System Report (April 2022) 
Apr. 11, 2022 Regional Economic Report (Summary) (April 2022) 
Mar. 22, 2022 Takushi Kurozumi, Ryohei Oishi A Comparison of Japanese and US New Keynesian Phillips Curves with Bayesian VAR-GMM 
Mar. 14, 2022 ASHIZAWA Takuro, FURUKAWA Kakuho, HASHIMOTO Ryuichiro, KOIDE Yoshiyasu, NAKA Tomomi, NISHIZAKI Kenji, SUDO Nao, SUZUKI Genichiro Physical risks from climate change faced by Japan's financial institutions: Impact of floods on real economy, land prices, and FIs' financial conditions 
Mar. 10, 2022 Hiromi Hara, Daiji Kawaguchi A Positive Outcome of COVID-19? The Effects of Work from Home on Gender Attitudes and Household Production 
Mar.  2, 2022 Yusuke Takahashi, Yoichiro Tamanyu Households' Perceived Inflation and CPI Inflation: the Case of Japan 
Jan. 21, 2022 KAMEDA Seisaku Use of Alternative Data in the Bank of Japan's Research Activities 
Jan. 12, 2022 Regional Economic Report (Summary) (January 2022) 

List of Research Papers Released by IMES

Table : List of Reports & Research Papers 2022 List of Research Papers Released by IMES
Date Author Title
Aug. 15, 2022 Toshitaka Sekine, Frank Packer, Shunichi Yoneyama Individual Trend Inflation
Aug. 15, 2022 Takuji Fueki, Yutaka Soejima, Shunichi Yoneyama New Dimensions and Frontiers in Central Banking Summary of the 2022 BOJ-IMES Conference [PDF 449KB]
July 26, 2022 Carl E. Walsh Inflation Surges and Monetary Policy
July 26, 2022 Raphael Abiry, Marien Ferdinandusse, Alexander Ludwig, Carolin Nerlich Climate Change Mitigation: How Effective is Green Quantitative Easing?
July 26, 2022 Daisuke Ikeda Digital Money as a Medium of Exchange and Monetary Policy in Open Economies
July 26, 2022 Kenneth S. Rogoff Institutional Innovation and Central Bank Independence 2.0 [PDF 707KB]
May 20, 2022 Kensuke Fukunaga, Daisuke Miyakawa Supply Chain Network and Credit Supply
May 20, 2022 Yojiro Ito, Daisuke Miyakawa Performance of Exiting Firms in Japan: An Empirical Analysis Using Exit Mode Data
Apr. 20, 2022 Taisuke Nakata, Takeki Sunakawa Credible Forward Guidance
Apr. 20, 2022 Reona Hagiwara Welfare Effects of Health Insurance Reform: The Role of Elastic Medical Demand
Apr. 20, 2022 Tatsuya Kato The Effects of Corporate Governance on ESG-related Information Disclosure: Evidence from Japanese Firms
Mar. 23, 2022 Robert S. Chirinko What Went Wrong? The Puerto Rican Debt Crisis, the "Treasury Put," and the Failure of Market Discipline
Mar. 23, 2022 Robert S. Chirinko, Debdulal Mallick The Return on Private Capital: Rising and Diverging
Feb. 4, 2022 Ryo Aruga, Keiichi Goshima, Takashi Chiba CO2 Emissions and Corporate Performance: Japan's Evidence with Double Machine Learning