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Market Review E-series


Table : Market Review E-series
No. Date Title Full Text
04-E-2 Mar. 10, 2004 Price Developments of Japanese Government Bonds in 2003  [PDF 68KB]
04-E-1 Jan. 29, 2004 Liquidity in JGB markets -Analysis on the Intraday Bid-Ask Spreads-  [PDF 116KB]
03-E-2 Sept. 24, 2003 Money Market Operations in FY2002  [PDF 46KB]
03-E-1 Feb. 20, 2003 The Bank of Japan's Eligible Collateral Framework and Recently Accepted Collateral  [PDF 40KB]
02-E-5 Dec. 13, 2002 What do we learn about current developments in the bank lending market in Japan from BOJ's Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey?  [PDF 57KB]
02-E-4 Dec.  6, 2002 Implications of a Macro Stress Test on Financial Stability: Summary of the second census on stress tests  [PDF 44KB]
02-E-3 July  4, 2002 Money Market Operations in FY2001  [PDF 54KB]
02-E-2 June 20, 2002 Recent Efforts for Developing the ABCP Market: Improving Financing Conditions for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises and Exploiting Opportunities for Securitization  [PDF 42KB]
02-E-1 Jan. 16, 2002 Changes in Japan's Financial Structure since the Later Half of the 1990s: the Supply of Risk Capital and Major Market Reforms  [PDF 155KB]
01-E-4 Sept. 28, 2001 Money Market Operations in FY2000  [PDF 183KB]
01-E-3 July 23, 2001 The Structure of and Recent Developments in the Short-term Yen Money Markets: Arbitrage relationship between the uncollateralized call market, the Euroyen market and the dollar/yen swap market  [PDF 141KB]
01-E-2 July  3, 2001 Increasing Use of Electronic Trading Systems and Its Implications onJapanese Financial Markets  [PDF 38KB]
01-E-1 Apr.  4, 2001 Pricing of Japanese Government Bonds: Influence of Futures Prices, Repo Rates, and Supply-Demand Conditions of Specific Issues