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Bank of Japan Review Series 2016


Table : Bank of Japan Review Series 2016
No. Date Title Full Text
16-E-14 Oct. 31, 2016 Shortening the Settlement Cycle of JGBs to T+1  [PDF 243KB]
16-E-12 Oct. 18, 2016 Supplementary Paper Series for the "Comprehensive Assessment" (2): Developments in the Natural Rate of Interest in Japan  [PDF 369KB]
16-E-13 Oct. 14, 2016 Supplementary Paper Series for the "Comprehensive Assessment" (1): Developments in Inflation Expectations over the Three Years since the Introduction of Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing (QQE)  [PDF 414KB]
16-E-11 Sept. 30, 2016 What Determines the Base Salary of Full-time/Part-time Workers?  [PDF 249KB]
16-E-7 Sept.  9, 2016 Recent Trends in Cross-currency Basis  [PDF 332KB]
16-E-10 Sept.  2, 2016 A new trend in Japan's asset management business toward a shift from saving to investment  [PDF 370KB]
16-E-5 Aug. 22, 2016 Recent Trends in Foreign Exchange (FX) Margin Trading in Japan  [PDF 307KB]
16-E-9 July 27, 2016 Administered Prices in Japan: Institutional Comparisons with Europe and the United States  [PDF 237KB]
16-E-8 July 26, 2016 Recent Trends in Japan's Balance of Payments -- Findings from the New Balance of Payments Statistics --  [PDF 316KB]
16-E-6 June 17, 2016 The Global Code of Conduct in the Foreign Exchange Market -- For sound development and effective functioning of the Foreign Exchange Market --  [PDF 290KB]
16-E-4 May  27, 2016 The Laws and Economics of Payment Systems  [PDF 264KB]
16-E-1 May  27, 2016 Recent Developments in Leveraged Investment Funds  [PDF 380KB]
16-E-3 May  25, 2016 Highlights of Enhanced Japan's Flow of Funds Accounts Based on 2008SNA  [PDF 302KB]
16-E-2 Apr. 15, 2016 Corporate Profits and Business Fixed Investment: Why are Firms So Cautious about Investment?  [PDF 297KB]