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Bank of Japan Review Series 2020


Table : Bank of Japan Review Series 2020
No. Date Author Title Full Text
20-E-9 Dec. 17, 2020 Supervisory Simultaneous Stress Testing Based on Common Scenarios  [PDF 630KB]
20-E-8 Nov. 25, 2020 TSUCHIYA Akitaka, NOJIMA Ayano, HORIKAWA Takumi, SEMBA Takashi, SHINOZAKI Kimiaki U.S. Dollar Funding Trend in the January-March Quarter of 2020 as Indicated by the BIS International Banking Statistics  [PDF 376KB]
20-E-7 Oct.  8, 2020 KOBAYASHI Satoshi, NAKAHARA Kaori, ODA Takemasa, and UENO Yoichi The Impact of COVID-19 on US Consumer Spending: Quantitative Analysis Using High-Frequency State-Level Data  [PDF 282KB]
20-E-6 Aug. 11, 2020 Financial Institutions' Preparedness for LIBOR Cessation and Future Actions with a Focus on the Results of the Joint Survey by the Financial Services Agency and the Bank of Japan  [PDF 571KB]
20-E-5 Aug.  3, 2020 FUKUMA Noritaka, KADOGAWA Yoichi An Overview of Algorithmic Trading in Foreign Exchange Markets and Its Impacts on Market Liquidity  [PDF 803KB]
20-E-4 July  8, 2020 WASHIMI Kazuaki Recent Issues in Capital Flows -- Trends in Capital Inflows to Japan & Asia and Challenges Ahead --  [PDF 598KB]
20-E-3 July  2, 2020 WASHIMI Kazuaki, KADOGAWA Yoichi Recent Characteristics of FX Markets in Asia -- A Comparison of Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong SAR --  [PDF 656KB]
20-E-2 June 26, 2020 Developments in Overseas Credit Investment and Lending by Japanese Financial Institutions: An Overview Based on the Joint Survey by the Bank of Japan and the Financial Services Agency  [PDF 678KB]
20-E-1 Feb. 28, 2020 SASAMOTO Kana, NAKAMURA Atsushi, FUJII Takanori, SEMBA Takashi, SUZUKI Kazuya, SHINOZAKI Kimiaki New Initiatives to Improve the Transparency of Securities Financing Markets in Japan: Publication of Statistics on Securities Financing Transactions in Japan  [PDF 810KB]