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Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2000


Table : Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2000
Date Title Full Text
Mar. 13, 2001 Effects of Measurement Error on the Output Gap in Japan  [PDF 354KB]
Oct. 30, 2000 East Asia's Intra- and Inter-Regional Economic Relations; Data Analyses on Trade, Direct Investments and Currency Transactions  [PDF 139KB]
Oct. 30, 2000 Insights into a Recent Increase in Foreign Direct Investment in Japan -Theoretical Explanation and Research Based on Actual Developments-  [PDF 150KB]
Sept.  8, 2000 Challenges and Possible Solutions in Enhancing Operational Risk Measurement  [PDF 182KB]
Aug. 24, 2000 A Guide to Bank of Japan's Market Operations  [PDF 259KB]
Aug.  9, 2000 Internal Risk Based Approach --Evolutionary Approaches to Regulatory Capital Charge for Operational Risk--  [PDF 197KB]
Aug.  3, 2000 Does Japan Save Too Much? Or Do Other Major Countries Save Too Little? International comparison of savings rates from the modified golden rule approach  [PDF 288KB]
July 18, 2000 Predicting the US Real GDP Growth Using Yield Spreads of Corporate Bonds  [PDF 201KB]
July 14, 2000 Measuring Operational Risk in Japanese Major banks 
June  8, 2000 Increased Labor Productivity and IT Investment in the United States  [PDF 249KB]
June  8, 2000 Economic Growth of NIEs and ASEAN-4 in 1999 and 2000  [PDF 146KB]
May  19, 2000 Financial Market and Macroeconomic Volatility -Relationships and Some Puzzles-  [PDF 130KB]
Apr. 21, 2000 The reforms in the Japanese government securities market 
Apr. 17, 2000 Forward-looking Models and Monetary Policy in Japan  [PDF 339KB]
Feb. 29, 2000 Small Scale Bayesian VAR Modeling of the Japanese Macro Economy Using the Posterior Information Criterion and Monte Carlo Experiments  [PDF 343KB]
Feb. 15, 2000 Does a Decrease in the Real Interest Rate Actually Stimulate Personal Consumption? -An Empirical Study-  [PDF 192KB]
Feb.  8, 2000 Testing the Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis: Re-examination by Additional Variables, Tests with Known Cointegrating Vectors, Monte Carlo Critical Values, and Fractional Cointegration  [PDF 252KB]
Jan. 31, 2000 Monetary Policy Cannot Substitute for Structural Policy 
Jan. 12, 2000 Understanding Japan's Financial and Economic Developments Since Autumn 1997  [PDF 355KB]