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The Outline of the Reference Table, "Channels of Fund-raising by the Nonfinancial Sector" (Discontinued)


Note: Discontinued data series through fiscal 2012 are available inBOJ Time-Series Data Search

June 2007
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

The reference table, "Channels of Fund-raising by the Nonfinancial Sector" of the Flow of Funds Accounts (hereafter "FFA") shows how funds are raised by the nonfinancial sector (domestic nonfinancial sector and overseas sector).

The FFA gives a comprehensive picture of both the flow of funds and the resulting claim/debt relationship among economic entities. In order to enable the users to extract various kinds of information, the FFA is compiled in a detailed and generalized statistical framework. This reference table is processed from the original FFA so that the users can easily get an overview of the fund-raising by the nonfinancial sector as well as its major components.

The reference table, "Channels of Fund-raising by the Nonfinancial Sector," provides both the "flow" and the "stock" data of funds raised following the corresponding data in the FFA. This reference table is made only on an annual basis for each fiscal year and released together with the annual data of the FFA (the preliminary report and the revised report will be published in June and September of the following fiscal year, respectively). The table provides time series data made from FFA based on SNA93 (System of National Accounts 1993), from FY1980 for the flow figures and from FY1979 for the stock figures.

For details, see the following two charts.


Financial Statistics Section,Research and Statistics Department

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