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The Outline of Survey Results on Expenditures for Traveling to Japan and Traveling Abroad

June 5, 2006
International Department
Bank of Japan

In fiscal year 2005, International Department of the Bank of Japan conducted the International Travelers' Survey on Expenditures. The respondents consist of foreign travelers (those visiting Japan) immediately before their departure and Japanese travelers (those visiting abroad) immediately upon their return. The purpose of this survey is to collect source data to estimate the amount of travel service* recorded in the balance of payments (BOP) statistics.

The outline of survey results is considered to be of use for improving travel related statistics (see the annex [PDF 46KB]).

  • Travel service in the BOP statistics covers the goods and services acquired from an economy (Japan for foreign travelers and non-Japanese economies for Japanese travelers) by travelers during their visits of less than one year in that economy.


Balance of Payments Statistics Section, International Department, Bank of Japan

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