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Release of the new Monetary Survey

Statistics that had been available in the form of time-series data at the Bank's web site are now provided, with a few exceptions, in "BOJ Time-Series Data Search," a new page for data search.  Regardless of the notice below, some links to the time-series data have been removed.

June 13, 2008
Research and Statistics Department
Bank of Japan

As announced in the "Final Draft on the Revision of the Money Stock Statistics--Opinions on the June 2007 Revision Proposal and BOJ Responses" (January 30, 2008) and the "Revision of the Monetary Survey" (May 16, 2008), the new Monetary Survey has been released today.  The new Monetary Survey extends coverage of financial institutions to all depository corporations including the Japan Post Bank, etc. from the current M2+CDs depository corporations.  At the same time, the releasing items have also been revised in the new survey.

Click below for the new series retroactive data:
New series retroactive data (from April 2003)

The "Explanation of the Monetary Survey" that explains the compilation method has also been revised.

For inquiries, please contact the following section of the Bank of Japan:

Financial Statistics, Research and Statistics Department