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Release of New Time Series Data of "BIS International Locational Banking Statistics in Japan"

September 4, 2015
Bank of Japan
Financial Markets Department

The Bank of Japan will release new time series data of estimated exchange rate adjusted changes for "BIS International Banking Statistics in Japan" with the release of the end -June data.

In the new data, the effect of exchange rate changes of major currencies, i.e., yen, euro, pound sterling, and Swiss franc, is adjusted by converting the difference in the outstanding amount from the previous quarter-end in each of the major currencies to the U.S. dollar using corresponding average exchange rate within the quarter. The data will be available retroactively from end-March 2002. The release date will be posted on the "Release schedule" once confirmed.

Key developments of estimated exchange rate adjusted changes will be shown in the "Overview" section of "The Results of BIS International Locational Banking Statistics and International Consolidated Banking Statistics in Japan."


Financial Markets Statistics Group, Coordination and Market Analysis Division, Financial Markets Department

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