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TANKAN (Discontinuity in the Data)



Data are provided in a compressed file (zip file) by category of the survey. When using the time-series data, decompress them before use.
The compressed files do not include files of categories discontinued after the December 2003 survey (the data up to the December 2003 survey are downloadable from TANKAN : Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan (Discontinued Long-Term Time-Series Data)).

In most of the data files, the Japanese text is followed by an English translation. Therefore, text in the first few rows may be garbled unless your computer has been configured to handle Japanese characters. Please ignore the garbled characters and scroll down to the English text. If the entire text is garbled, of if you cannot open the file, please contact Business Survey, Research and Statistics Department (E-mail :

Discontinuity in the Data

Table : Discontinuity in the Data
Date Detail Data
Apr.  2, 2009 Judgement Survey (D.I.)  [ZIP 555KB]
Apr.  2, 2009 Judgement Survey (Percentage Share of the Number of Respondents Choosing Each Alternative)  [ZIP 805KB]
Apr.  2, 2009 Annual Projections (Sales, Domestic Sales, Exports, Material Costs, Personnel Expenses, Depreciation)  [ZIP 1,174KB]
Apr.  2, 2009 Annual Projections (Operating Profits, Financial Income, Financial Expenses, Current Profits, Net Income)  [ZIP 847KB]
Apr.  2, 2009 Annual Projections (Fixed Investment, Software Investment, Land Purchasing Expenses, Software and Fixed Investment Excluding Land Purchasing Expenses)  [ZIP 739KB]
Apr.  2, 2009 Annual Projections (Predicted Exchange Rates, Ratio of Current Profit to Sales)  [ZIP 214KB]
Apr.  2, 2009 Quarterly Data  [ZIP 602KB]
Apr.  2, 2009 Number of New Graduates Hired  [ZIP 57KB]
Apr.  2, 2009 Number of Reporting Companies (Business Conditions)  [ZIP 15KB]
Apr.  2, 2009 Financial Institutions (Judgement Survey, Annual Projections, Quarterly Data, Number of New Graduates Hired, Number of Reporting Companies (Business Conditions))  [ZIP 42KB]
Apr.  2, 2009 Number of employees basis  [ZIP 44KB]