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Other Statements


Table : Other Statements
Date Title
Oct. 31, 2013 Introduction of standing liquidity swap arrangements [PDF 9KB]
Nov. 30, 2011 Coordinated Central Bank Action to Address Pressures in Global Money Markets [PDF 16KB]
June 29, 2011 Extension of temporary U.S. dollar liquidity swap arrangements [PDF 8KB]
Dec. 21, 2010 Extension of temporary U.S. dollar liquidity swap arrangements [PDF 11KB]
May  10, 2010 Re-establishment of U.S. Dollar Funds-Supplying Operations [PDF 57KB]
May  10, 2010 Coordinated Central Bank Actions [PDF 34KB]
Jan. 28, 2010 Completion of Temporary Reciprocal Currency Arrangements [PDF 10KB]
June 26, 2009 Extension of temporary reciprocal currency arrangements [PDF 72KB]
Feb. 19, 2009 Outline of Outright Purchases of Corporate Bonds [PDF 29KB]
Feb. 19, 2009 Expansion of Special Funds-Supplying Operations to Facilitate Corporate Financing [PDF 78KB]
Feb.  4, 2009 Extension of U.S. dollar swap arrangements [PDF 78KB]
Jan. 22, 2009 Outright Purchases of Corporate Financing Instruments [PDF 34KB]
Dec.  2, 2008 Introduction of Money Market Operation Measures to Facilitate Corporate Financing [PDF 43KB]
Oct. 14, 2008 Introduction of Measures regarding Money Market Operations to Ensure Stability in Financial Markets [PDF 12KB]
Oct. 13, 2008 Further Measures to Improve Liquidity in Short-Term U.S. Dollar Funding Markets [PDF 80KB]
Oct.  8, 2008 On the Policy Actions by Major Central Banks [PDF 65KB]
Sept. 29, 2008 Further Coordinated Actions Designed to Address Elevated Pressures [PDF 11KB]
Sept. 18, 2008 Coordinated Measures Designed to Address Elevated Pressures in Short-Term Funding Markets [PDF 11KB]
Mar. 11, 2008 On the Measures Announced by Five Central Banks on March 11, 2008 
Dec. 12, 2007 On the Measures Announced by Five Central Banks on December 12, 2007