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Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2016


Table : Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2016
No. Date Title Full Text
16-E-19 Dec. 27, 2016 Advanced Lending Operations and Credit Risk Assessment Using Purchase Order Information  [PDF 1,035KB]
16-E-20 Dec.  7, 2016 Estimating Japan's Gross Domestic Income Based on Taxation Data  [PDF 1,075KB]
16-E-18 Nov. 21, 2016 TIPS: The Trend Inflation Projection System and Estimation Results  [PDF 672KB]
16-E-17 Nov. 11, 2016 Identifying Oil Price Shocks and Their Consequences: Role of Expectations and Financial Factors in the Crude Oil Market  [PDF 236KB]
16-E-16 Nov. 11, 2016 The Power of Unconventional Monetary Policy in a Liquidity Trap  [PDF 524KB]
16-E-15 Nov.  7, 2016 Supplementary Paper Series for the "Comprehensive Assessment" (3): Policy Effects since the Introduction of Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing (QQE) -- Assessment Based on the Bank of Japan's Large-scale Macroeconomic Model (Q-JEM)--  [PDF 327KB]
16-E-11 Aug. 15, 2016 The effects of a central bank's inflation forecasts on private sector forecasts: Recent evidence from Japan  [PDF 362KB]
16-E-13 Aug. 10, 2016 Determinants of Launch Spreads on EM USD-Denominated Corporate Bonds  [PDF 211KB]
16-E-12 Aug.  8, 2016 Coordination in Price Setting and the Zero Lower Bound: A Global Games Approach  [PDF 170KB]
16-E-14 Aug.  5, 2016 Regulatory Reforms and the Dollar Funding of Global Banks: Evidence from the Impact of Monetary Policy Divergence  [PDF 1,196KB]
16-E-10 July 29, 2016 Firms' Inflation Expectations and Wage-setting Behaviors  [PDF 654KB]
16-E-9 July 12, 2016 Does a Higher Frequency of Micro-level Price Changes Matter for Macro Price Stickiness?: Assessing the Impact of Temporary Price Changes  [PDF 714KB]
16-E-8 June 29, 2016 Measuring Underlying Inflation Using Dynamic Model Averaging  [PDF 528KB]
16-E-6 June 27, 2016 Forward Guidance as a Monetary Policy Rule  [PDF 394KB]
16-E-7 June 21, 2016 Effects of Inflation and Wage Expectations on Consumer Spending: Evidence from Micro Data  [PDF 643KB]
16-E-5 June 14, 2016 Pricing Patterns over Product Life-Cycle and Quality Growth at Product Turnover: Empirical Evidence from Japan  [PDF 1,168KB]
16-E-4 Mar. 28, 2016 Household Portfolios in a Secular Stagnation World: Evidence from Japan  [PDF 970KB]
16-E-3 Mar. 22, 2016 Productivity Slowdown in Japan's Lost Decades: How Much of It Can Be Attributed to Damaged Balance Sheets?  [PDF 663KB]
16-E-2 Mar.  2, 2016 Long-term interest rates and bank loan supply: Evidence from firm-bank loan-level data  [PDF 283KB]
16-E-1 Jan. 14, 2016 Inflation expectations and monetary policy under disagreements  [PDF 511KB]