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Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2001


Table : Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2001
Date Title Full Text
July 25, 2002 Methodology for Handling Missing Values In TANKAN  [PDF 477KB]
Dec. 14, 2001 Model Uncertainty of Real Exchange Rate Forecast over Mid-term Horizons  [PDF 313KB]
Dec.  7, 2001 Costs of Inflation in Japan: Tax and Resource Allocation  [PDF 198KB]
Dec.  7, 2001 QUALITY ADJUSTMENT OF SERVICE PRICES The Results of Quality Adjustment of the Corporate Service Price Index in 2000 and Future Implications for Handling Service Prices  [PDF 95KB]
Nov. 16, 2001 Insights into the Low Profitability of Japanese Banks: Some Lessons from the Analysis of Trends in Banks' Margins  [PDF 375KB]
Oct. 22, 2001 Corporate Service Price Index (CSPI) : Telecommunications Services  [PDF 117KB]
Oct. 18, 2001 Sectoral Credit Shifts in Japan: Causes and Consequences of Their Decline in the 1990s  [PDF 202KB]
Oct. 11, 2001 A New Technique for Simultaneous Estimation of the Output Gap and Phillips Curve  [PDF 305KB]
Sept. 26, 2001 A Survey on Recent Theories and Empirical Analyses Regarding Currency Crises --The Role of Liquidity Provision as a Policy Measure in Currency Crisis Management--  [PDF 146KB]
July 30, 2001 Quality Adjustment of Price Indexes Wholesale Price Index and Corporate Service Price Index: The Current Situation and Future Implications  [PDF 166KB]
July 17, 2001 Treatment of Retirement Benefits and Stock Options in National Accounting  [PDF 123KB]
Apr. 19, 2001 Market Participants' Behavior and Pricing Mechanisms in the JGB Markets --Analysis of Market Developments from the End of 1998 to 1999--  [PDF 715KB]
Mar. 23, 2001 Internal Measurement Approach to Operational Risk Capital Charge  [PDF 115KB]
Mar.  5, 2001 The Contribution of Information Technology to Productivity Growth -International Comparison-  [PDF 238KB]
Mar.  2, 2001 Bank of Japan EMEAP High-Level Workshop on Development of Information Technology and Central Banking (October 2-3, 2000): Opening Remarks 
Mar.  2, 2001 Information Technology (IT) and Central Banks [PDF 53KB]
Mar.  2, 2001 Central Banking and the Information Technology Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities [PDF 46KB]
Feb. 16, 2001 Lessons from Japan's Experiences in Monetary Policy (Summary) 
Feb. 16, 2001 Lektionen aus den geldpolitischen Erfahrungen in Japan