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Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2005


Table : Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2005
No. Date Title Full Text
05-E-15 Dec.  7, 2005 Trade Patterns in Japan's Machinery Sector  [PDF 259KB]
05-E-14 Oct.  4, 2005 How Do Monetary Policy Rules Affect Term Premia?  [PDF 263KB]
05-E-13 Sept. 30, 2005 Impaired Bank Health and Default Risk  [PDF 154KB]
05-E-12 Sept.  1, 2005 Changes in the Demand for Skilled Labor within Japan's Manufacturing Sector: Effects of Skill-Biased Technological Change and Globalization  [PDF 299KB]
05-E-10 July 28, 2005 The Decline of Japan's Saving Rate and Demographic Effects  [PDF 209KB]
05-E-11 July 26, 2005 FATS Statistics: Producing Statistics for Broadly-Defined Trade in Services  [PDF 117KB]
05-E-9 July 11, 2005 Inflation Dynamics in China  [PDF 635KB]
05-E-8 June 13, 2005 A Historical Evaluation of Financial Accelerator Effects in Japan's Economy  [PDF 411KB]
05-E-7 June  3, 2005 Monetary Policy Uncertainty and Market Interest Rates  [PDF 280KB]
05-E-6 Apr. 21, 2005 The Effects of the Bank of Japan's Zero Interest Rate Commitment and Quantitative Monetary Easing on the Yield Curve: A Macro-Finance Approach  [PDF 248KB]
05-E-5 Apr. 13, 2005 Bank Health and Investment: An Analysis of Unlisted Companies in Japan  [PDF 258KB]
05-E-3 Apr.  8, 2005 Japan's Open Market Operations under the Quantitative Easing Policy  [PDF 400KB]
05-E-4 Mar. 29, 2005 Policy Coordination in East Asia and across the Pacific  [PDF 546KB]
05-E-2 Feb. 28, 2005 The Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment into Japan -The Measures' Impact on FDI Series  [PDF 293KB]
05-E-1 Feb.  8, 2005 On the Function of the Zero Interest Rate Commitment: Monetary Policy Rules in the Presence of the Zero Lower Bound on Interest Rates  [PDF 624KB]