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Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2003


Table : Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2003
No. Date Title Full Text
03-E-6 Dec. 16, 2003 Differences in Treatment of Direct Investment in the Balance of Payments Statistics and the International Investment Position  [PDF 151KB]
03-E-7 Dec. 12, 2003 Globalization: Role of Institution Building in the Japanese Financial Sector  [PDF 88KB]
03-E-8 Dec. 11, 2003 Zero Bound on Nominal Interest Rates and Ex Ante Positive Inflation: A Cost Analysis  [PDF 373KB]
03-E-9 Dec.  3, 2003 Output Composition of the Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism in Japan  [PDF 428KB]
03-E-5 Nov. 25, 2003 Analysis of the Relative Price of Nontradable Goods in the G7 Countries  [PDF 685KB]
03-E-4 Nov.  7, 2003 Land Prices in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area: A Hedonic Analysis of Judicial Auction Prices  [PDF 903KB]
03-E-2 Oct. 29, 2003 Optimal Timing in Trading Japanese Equity Mutual Funds: Theory and Evidence  [PDF 369KB]
03-E-3 Oct. 29, 2003 Purchase of SME-related ABS by the Bank of Japan: Monetary Policy and SME financing in Japan  [PDF 136KB]
03-E-1 Oct. 21, 2003 Investment with Uncertainty: Detection of Decomposed Uncertainty Factors Affecting Investment  [PDF 986KB]
Sept. 24, 2003 Regime-Switching Approach to Monetary Policy Effects: Empirical Studies using a Smooth Transition Vector Autoregressive Model  [PDF 969KB]
Sept.  3, 2003 The Effects of Technology Changes on the Sectoral Trade Patterns and the Import Penetration Ratio  [PDF 550KB]
July 30, 2003 Extracting Market Expectations on the Duration of the Zero Interest Rate Policy from Japan's Bond Prices  [PDF 547KB]
Apr. 17, 2003 Measuring Productivity Growth over the 90s: Is the New Economy Still Alive?  [PDF 518KB]
Feb. 26, 2003 Deepening Interdependence in the Asia-Pacific Region: An Empirical Study Using a Macro-Econometric Model  [PDF 343KB]
Feb. 24, 2003 The Role of Buyout Funds in Accelerating Business Recovery in Japan 
Jan. 22, 2003 Designing New Financial Infrastructure for a New Lending Model  [PDF 43KB]

Note: On September 25, 2003, the Bank integrated into the "Bank of Japan Working Paper Series" a series of working papers that had been released separately by a number of departments. Working papers in the new series released after the date will be numbered (e.g. 03-E-1).