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Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2011


Table : Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2011
No. Date Title Full Text
11-E-11 Nov. 18, 2011 The Quarterly Japanese Economic Model (Q-JEM): 2011 Version  [PDF 962KB]
11-E-10 Sept.  9, 2011 How much Asymmetry is there in Bond Returns and Exchange Rates?  [PDF 473KB]
11-E-9 Aug. 31, 2011 Assessing the Effects of Fiscal Policy in Japan with Estimated and Calibrated DSGE Models  [PDF 395KB]
11-E-8 Aug. 25, 2011 China's Capital Controls and Interest Rate Parity: Experience during 1999 - 2010 and Future Agenda for Reforms  [PDF 288KB]
11-C-1 Aug. 25, 2011 Rebalancing China's Economic Growth :Some Insights from Japan's Experience (Chinese Version)  [PDF 393KB]
11-E-6 Aug. 10, 2011 Asian Financial Linkage: Macro-Finance Dissonances  [PDF 628KB]
11-E-7 Aug. 10, 2011 A Global Game Analysis of Emergent Liquidity Provision and the Role of Creditors' Aggregate Behavior as Signaling  [PDF 223KB]
11-E-5 July 13, 2011 Rebalancing China's Economic Growth: Some Insights from Japan's Experience  [PDF 338KB]
11-E-4 May  27, 2011 A Positive Theory of Fixed-Rate Funds-Supplying Operations in an Accommodative Financial Environment  [PDF 330KB]
11-E-3 May  27, 2011 What has caused the surge in global commodity prices and strengthened cross-market linkage?  [PDF 275KB]
11-E-1 Apr. 22, 2011 The Financial Cycle Indexes for Early Warning Exercise  [PDF 1,159KB]
11-E-2 Mar. 30, 2011 Changes in the Federal Reserve Communication Strategy: A Structural Investigation  [PDF 270KB]