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Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2013


Table : Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2013
No. Date Title Full Text
13-E-16 Nov. 26, 2013 Cross-country Transmission Effect of the U.S. Monetary Shock under Global Integration  [PDF 752KB]
13-E-15 Nov.  8, 2013 Downward Rigidity in Households' Price Expectations: An Analysis Based on the Bank of Japan's 'Opinion Survey on the General Public's Views and Behavior'  [PDF 1,906KB]
13-E-14 Oct. 15, 2013 New Monthly Estimation Approach for Nowcasting GDP Growth: The Case of Japan  [PDF 532KB]
13-E-12 Sept. 24, 2013 Risk Aggregation by a Copula with a Stressed Condition  [PDF 266KB]
13-E-13 Sept. 20, 2013 On the Reliability of Japanese Inflation Expectations Using Purchasing Power Parity  [PDF 426KB]
13-E-10 July 25, 2013 What explains the recent fluctuations in Japan's output? A structural factor analysis of Japan's industrial production  [PDF 1,162KB]
13-E-11 July 12, 2013 Inflation Expectations and Consumer Spending at the Zero Bound: Micro Evidence  [PDF 568KB]
13-E-9 May  16, 2013 A Study of Missing Value Imputation in Business Surveys: The Case of the Short-Term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan (Tankan)  [PDF 436KB]
13-E-8 May   8, 2013 Estimating Term Premia at the Zero Bound: An Analysis of Japanese, US, and UK Yields  [PDF 435KB]
13-E-7 May   2, 2013 Identifying Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy Shocks: A Latent Threshold Approach  [PDF 1,660KB]
13-E-6 Mar. 25, 2013 Banks' Stockholdings and the Correlation between Bonds and Stocks: A Portfolio Theoretic Approach  [PDF 1,064KB]
13-E-5 Mar. 19, 2013 What is the Major Determinant of Credit Flows through Cross-Border Banking?  [PDF 249KB]
13-E-1 Mar.  1, 2013 Welfare Analysis of Policy Measures for Financial Stability  [PDF 214KB]
13-E-4 Feb. 28, 2013 Monetary Policy and Inflation Dynamics in Asset Price Bubbles  [PDF 844KB]
13-E-2 Feb. 25, 2013 The Effects of Settlement Methods on Liquidity Needs: Empirical Study based on Funds Transfer Data  [PDF 987KB]
13-E-3 Feb. 20, 2013 Impact of Macroprudential Policy Measures on Economic Dynamics: Simulation Using a Financial Macro-econometric Model  [PDF 2,263KB]