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Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2006


Table : Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2006
No. Date Title Full Text
06-E-21 Dec. 29, 2006 Funding Levels for the New Accounts in the BOJ-NET  [PDF 138KB]
06-E-20 Nov. 15, 2006 How Far Apart Are Two ACUs from Each Other? : Asian Currency Unit and Asian Currency Union  [PDF 632KB]
06-E-19 Nov. 10, 2006 An Efficient Monte Carlo Method for a Large and Nongranular Credit Portfolio  [PDF 340KB]
06-E-18 Oct. 12, 2006 The Role of Trade Credit for Small Firms: An Implication from Japan's Banking Crisis  [PDF 443KB]
06-E-17 Oct.  3, 2006 Evaluating Japanese Monetary Policy under the Non-negativity Constraint on Nominal Short-term Interest Rates  [PDF 671KB]
06-E-15 Sept. 27, 2006 The Use of the Black Model of Interest Rates as Options for Monitoring the JGB Market Expectations  [PDF 879KB]
06-E-16 Sept. 27, 2006 Monetary Policy and the Yield Curve at Zero Interest: The Macro-Finance Model of Interest Rates as Options  [PDF 356KB]
06-E-13 Sept.  8, 2006 Discussions and Issues Related to Estimation Method of "Travel"  [PDF 349KB]
06-E-14 Sept.  1, 2006 Monetary Policy Responses to the Exchange Rate: Empirical Evidence from Three East Asian Inflation-Targeting Countries  [PDF 245KB]
06-E-12 Aug. 11, 2006 Panel Analysis of Chinese Corporate Debt -- How Far Have Market Mechanisms Penetrated? --  [PDF 274KB]
06-E-10 July 27, 2006 Effects of the Quantitative Easing Policy:A Survey of Empirical Analyses  [PDF 515KB]
06-E-11 July 25, 2006 Roles of Technology and Nontechnology Shocks in the Business Cycles  [PDF 510KB]
06-E-8 June  1, 2006 An Empirical Analysis of Price Stickiness and Price Revision Behavior in Japan Using Micro CPI Data  [PDF 329KB]
06-E-9 May  30, 2006 Monetary policy conduct of the Swiss National Bank: the experience from 2001 to 2004  [PDF 180KB]
06-E-7 Apr. 20, 2006 Estimating Continuous Time Transition Matrices From Discretely Observed Data  [PDF 340KB]
06-E-3 Mar. 31, 2006 Improvement of Statistics on International Workers' Remittances --International Discussions and Present Situation in Japan--  [PDF 175KB]
06-E-5 Mar. 24, 2006 Survival Analysis of Hedge Funds  [PDF 447KB]
06-E-4 Mar. 24, 2006 Default Intensity and Expected Recovery of Japanese Banks and "Government": New Evidence from the CDS Market  [PDF 829KB]
06-E-6 Mar. 20, 2006 U.S. R&D and Japanese Medium Term Cycles  [PDF 756KB]
06-E-2 Feb. 17, 2006 Determinacy and Expectational Stability of Equilibrium in a Monetary Sticky-Price Model with Taylor Rule  [PDF 270KB]
06-E-1 Feb. 15, 2006 Nonlinear Income Variance Profile and Consumption Inequality over the Life Cycle  [PDF 497KB]