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Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2007


Table : Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2007
No. Date Title Full Text
07-E-26 Nov. 21, 2007 Interdependence of Production and Income in Asia-Pacific Economies: An International Input-Output Approach  [PDF 262KB]
07-E-25 Nov. 21, 2007 Import Competition and Manufacturing Employment in Japan  [PDF 295KB]
07-E-24 Nov. 15, 2007 Structural Estimation of the Output Gap: A Bayesian DSGE Approach for the U.S. Economy  [PDF 507KB]
07-E-22 Nov.  7, 2007 Regime Switches in Exchange Rate Volatility and Uncovered Interest Parity  [PDF 169KB]
07-E-23 Oct. 15, 2007 Stabilized Business Cycles with Increased Output Volatility at High Frequencies  [PDF 300KB]
07-E-21 Sept. 21, 2007 Developments in a Cross-Border Bank Exposure "Network"  [PDF 200KB]
07-E-17 Aug. 29, 2007 A Macro-Finance Analysis of the Term Structure and Monetary Policy in Japan: Using a Model with Time-Variant Equilibrium Rates of Real Interest and Inflation and with the Zero Lower Bound of Nominal Interest Rates  [PDF 693KB]
07-E-20 Aug.  9, 2007 Price Setting in Japan: Evidence from CPI Micro Data  [PDF 679KB]
07-E-19 Aug.  7, 2007 Price Setting Behavior and Hazard Functions: Evidence from Japanese CPI Micro Data  [PDF 382KB]
07-E-12 July 24, 2007 Price Discovery from Cross-Currency and FX Swaps: A Structural Analysis  [PDF 650KB]
07-E-18 July 17, 2007 Equilibrium Interest Rate and the Yield Curve in a Low Interest Rate Environment  [PDF 337KB]
07-E-16 July  2, 2007 Uncertainty about Perceived Inflation Target and Monetary Policy  [PDF 349KB]
07-E-15 July  2, 2007 Biases in Monetary Policy Expectations Extracted From Fed Funds Futures and Surveys  [PDF 313KB]
07-E-14 June 27, 2007 Consumption, Working Hours, and Wealth Determination in a Life Cycle Model  [PDF 337KB]
07-E-13 May  21, 2007 Money Market Operations in China: Monetary Policy or FX Policy?  [PDF 352KB]
07-E-9 May   7, 2007 A Contemporary Aspect of Japanese Commercial Banking: Expansion of Fee-Based Business and Its Impact on Management Stability  [PDF 344KB]
07-E-10 May   2, 2007 The Costs and Benefits of Inflation: Evaluation for Japan's Economy  [PDF 428KB]
07-E-11 Apr. 26, 2007 Credit Rating Gaps in Japan: Differences between Solicited and Unsolicited Ratings, and "Rating Splits"  [PDF 272KB]
07-E-8 Apr. 13, 2007 Land Prices and Fundamentals  [PDF 436KB]
07-E-7 Apr.  5, 2007 Determinants of Land-Price Movements in Japan  [PDF 703KB]
07-E-6 Mar. 29, 2007 Distortions in Resource Allocation and Bank Lending: The Malfunction of Financial Intermediation  [PDF 310KB]
07-E-5 Feb. 28, 2007 Phillips Correlation and Trend Inflation under the Kinked Demand Curve  [PDF 157KB]
07-E-4 Feb. 23, 2007 The determinants of credit spread changes in Japan  [PDF 355KB]
07-E-3 Feb. 14, 2007 Multi-Sector Menu Cost Model, Decreasing Hazard, and Phillips Curve  [PDF 343KB]
07-E-2 Feb.  5, 2007 Estimating a DSGE Model for Japan: Evaluating and Modifying a CEE/SW/LOWW Model  [PDF 352KB]
07-E-1 Jan. 29, 2007 Optimal Trend Inflation and Monetary Policy under Trending Relative Prices  [PDF 238KB]